Tuesday, November 11, 2008

America Speaks Out About Sarah:

~Sarah Palin and first dude need to learn to become good parents by providing stability to their children. Their children should not have to be dragged around the country so that their parents can enjoy the limelight. She says she will do what God wants her to do; she says her family comes first!!! It is obvious that her ambitions come first. She said the campaign was a "brutal ride" yet she is thinking about 2012 and again subjecting her chidlren and grandchild to another ride. Hockey mom and Todd need to grow up; he needs to teach his future son-in-law about being a father and that hunting, fishing, and kicking whatever does not make a man. Todd needs to encourage Levi to continue his education i(not be a drop-out) n order to provide a better life for his family. It is not enough to be Pro-Life, parents needs to nurture and care for their children and always put their needs first.

~Re: "what is good for her family"-I am waiting for some gutsy, intrepid interviewer to pin her down on her failure to obtain proper medical care for her downs syndrome infant. Therapeutic intervention during the FIRST TWO MONTHS OF LIFE are critical to lifetime functioning of individuals with downs syndrome. This baby's been dragged from pillar to post for the first six months of his life. Where is the responsible adult charged with obtaining state of the art medical/therapeutic testing and care for him?

From an LA Times article:
Pediatric practitioners see it as particularly important that parents like Sarah and Todd Palin seek out and secure services quickly for their children with disabilities, since early intervention can be crucial to improving the function of those with Down syndrome. One study probing the effectiveness of early intervention found that a two-month delay in treatment was associated with lower gross motor, fine motor, language and social outcomes by the time the baby reached 18 months. Another study showed that newborns with Down syndrome who received immediate language intervention had better language development than those who didn't get it until 3 months or 6 months of age.

~I had expressed that you hardly ever saw the Obama children on the campaign trail, because they were in Chicago attending school. They returned their children back to school and they stayed in Chicago with relatives to maintain stability in their everyday lives. I used to complain about her kids always being on the stage with her. Why was that so necessary? They should have been in shcool everyday. Those candidates will visit several cities in one day. Even if she had a tutor, it would have still been difficult to school them on the road. She did not put Country First or those children first. The only thing that is first to Sarah Palin is Sarah Palin. She does not care about education, just look at her own. Attended 5 different colleges, keep switch until you can find one easy enough to pass. That speaks volumes!

~Pearls & Hate Mongering in Florida

Sarah Palin came to Florida and clearly attempted to stir hate. She knew what she was doing and did this with not just malice, but forethought. Replace her at the Governor"s Conference in Miami with Charlie Chris or any other Governor. Do not be part of this crime of silence, pretending that her calling out terrorist and stirring fragile crowds from the podium of power is acceptable in Florida or America.

Did the RNC pay for the pearl necklace she wears and $150,000 in clothing, or was the necklace included in the known amount of frivolous abuse of funds? Why was her sudden home building right at the time of the Hockey Rink? This brings into question why the rink was built, how the contract was issued and what labor and supplies flowed over to her new home, from the Hockey Rink construction that the Alaskan people are still paying for today.

For me it is all about the hate she stirs without even a filtered thought. This woman is simply not qualified to be a national candidate, attention seeking, a disgrace to the highly intelligent woman of the Republican Party and endangers it future. This is my opinion as a 52 year old white woman in America.

~Well, if she wanted to make amends with Alaska, she's doing a piss-poor job of it. She is making it obvious to everyone in Alaska that she is no longer concerned about her state. Fame and fortune await her. Hopefully the Alaskan legislature will do the right thing and continue their investigations into her malfeasance such as her bilking Alaska of per diem and travel costs she's not entitled to. Then there's the pesky problem of that huge house on a lake her husband and a few buddies built in to months right at the time when the Wasilla sports center was being built. Yeah right.

~Sarah is a big red flag waving in our face that forcefully shows us how dangerous, impervious, and mean spirited the far right is. The more she talked the more extreme and incompetent we learned she was. And to have millions of people be "energized" by her is appalling. And yes, I do fear she will be back. She loved all the attention and "the base" thinks she's the cat's meow.

~I believe we are witnessing the re-packaging and re-branding of Sarah Palin by the GOP. It has already begun with her numerous network and cable interviews.

If she is truly a devoted mother, she will spend most of her time in caring for her son with DS. I know parents with DS children who have devoted all their time and energy for the care and education of their children. I can't believe that she and her husband have the time for politics. I can understand if she entered politics so she can further the cause of DS. But as governor she hardly lifted a finger to help the cause. In fact she cut down funding for special education programs in the State of Alaska.

She has tasted the power of being in the national limelight and she likes it. Another power hungry,
m o r a l l y -p e r v e r t e d GOP politician hiding behind religion.

~ The clothes DO stand for what's wrong with the world and the direction this country is headed in. And they stand for what's wrong with her- her hypocrisy.

When she's trying to appeal to "Joe Six Pack", Joe the Plumber, and regular hockey moms and claims she's just a regular small town gal....how many "regular" hockey moms buy $150K in threads from Neiman Marcus? Shows what a big phony she is.

But of course, there's lots of sad things going on in the world...like people losing their homes. So we should ignore this. And ignore the statement that it makes that while these bad things are happening to people, she's out shopping and buying Piper a $7,000 bag!

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